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Still on Problems 1 and 2

May 19, 2009

Yes, I know that I’ve been saying 2 problems per week, and we started early last week on problems 1 and 2. However, I thought some extra time on the first two problems would give everybody some time to get going. So I set the “Current Problems” to be problems 1 and 2, due this coming Friday (May 22). I, at least, still have things to say about problem 2 :). There’s a little widget in the right-hand sidebar of the blog with the “Current Problems”. I’ll change them after this Friday.

Please leave comments below answering the following question: Do you want me to write a post each time I change the “Current Problems”, or are you happy to just move to the next problems after the “Current Problems” “due date” as passed?

If you’re already done with the “Current Problems” any given week, feel free to go on ahead working on whatever. But if you do so, please refrain from posting solutions. Let’s try to stay, online anyway, at least a little bit together. If you’re ahead, I’d say it’s a good time to spend reading some documentation or something, like the various tutorials or whatever other references you find. If you find any nice references, please share. This reading might show you other ways to approach a problem you’ve already done, which would be helpful to see.

In the same spirit, though, after we get going, if you have something new to say about a previously “Current Problem”, feel free to write a post.

If you seriously disagree with this (or any other) “policy”, let’s talk it out in the comments below.