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This blog is intended to contain the work of a collection of math graduate students at the University of Virginia as we learn Python (and/or Sage) by using projecteuler.net as a problem library. For those of us that need tutorials, the Python one is here, and Sage here. Surely lots of other documentation will be found and used (and linked to) in this process.

We will (at least, at the start) set two problems each week as our goal, the link in the sidebar giving which problems, and the “due date.” All of us are encouraged to post whatever we come up with as far as solutions, even if it is similar to an already posted solution. We should also feel free to post programming questions here, and any math questions or facts that we encounter while working on these problems. We should link to any pages we find helpful (programming resources, or math resources), and leave comments on each others posts whenever we are inspired to do so.

I encourage each author to tag each of their posts with their initials, so we can track authors. Presumably wordpress will also handle that for us, so we might drop this habit when we see how it all works. Also tag posts with the problem number, for example: use the tag “prob1” and “prob2”. Then all of the content for each problem can be quickly accessed. You might also consider giving your posts titles that indicate the author and the problem. Maybe also use the tag “math” if you talk about the math of a solution, “question” for questions you post, “misc” for other things? These are just ideas – do whatever makes sense to you at the time, and we’ll work it out.

If you are beaten to a solution, you may try gathering up some of the other contributor’s solutions to compare them, e.g. based on speed or generality or… It will also be fun to see what happens when different solutions claim different answers. If you modify a solution that you have already posted, e.g. to fix an error or something, start a new post (with links back), or add to your old post – do not remove content from your old posts. It’s instructive to see errors.

Let’s put all of our code in

# Preformatted Text
print "Hello, World!"

to distinguish it from other text. For authors new to wordpress, the button at the far right, at the top of the editor when you make a new post, gives more formatting options. This is where you will be able to set code as preformatted (and indented, if you chose to use it).

If any of the authors would like to mess around with more settings for this blog, they are welcome to email me, and I will change their status to administrator. Additionally, if authors have ideas about how to change how things are set up or run, they are welcome to just make a post so that everybody can see it (tag it “misc” or “admin” perhaps?). While I may have been the one to start this thing, I really want it to be a group project.

Well, that’s all I can think of for now. Happy hacking!

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3 Responses to “Hello, World”

  1. Jaime Says:

    I’m afraid the good people at Project Euler are not going to be happy with solutions to their problems being publicly on display, unless you stick to the first few problems…

    Other than that, as an experienced python combatant of the Project Euler Wars, I wish you the best of lucks! Although, why use SAGE we you can build your own libraries? Trust me, it really adds to the fun!

    P.S. In case you didn’t know, wordpress has some really cool syntax highlighting already built in, check it here:

    • sumidiot Says:

      Ah! I hope they won’t be too upset with us!

      Also, thanks very much for the syntax highlighting tips. I’ll update the post to encourage it’s use.

  2. Syntax Highlighting « Leonhard Euler’s Flying Circus Says:

    […] By sumidiot A quick commenter (our first!) posted a link to a great tip about syntax highlighting, instead of using just […]

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